Brown paper packages tied up with string…











Some hold the questionable belief that Christmas decorating should only be embarked upon from the middle of December. Or like the Nordstrom stores who have a policy of “No decorations before Thanksgiving — it’s a hallmark of Nordstrom.” (American Thanksgiving).

They clearly have Strong Opinions.

I happen to be one of those people who love Christmas. But even more than loving Christmas, I love decorating for Christmas. (This should not come as a complete surprise.)

And I decorate earlier than Nordstrom. This is partly because I have one daughter born in the middle of November and another in the first week of December, so it always just seemed more efficient to decorate for Christmas in the middle of November. (It took them years to realize that fresh pine garlands on the dining table was not de rigueur for a little girl’s birthday party.)

The other reason is that I Iove the smell of fresh greenery, the twinkle of fairy lights, and low-fat eggnog. But mostly it’s because Christmas trees are so hilariously expensive that having one for just two weeks feels like a Saturnalian decadence.

Some of my clients feel exactly the way I do, which is why I’m starting two Christmas decorating jobs next week.





















But who can afford to give their home a completely new look every year? Not many of us. But there are ways to have a beautifully decorated home every year.
I start a new Christmas decorating project by first selecting the decorations that I want to use from the client’s existing stock. (whereby my first two words are usually, “Good Lord!”)

I then source a stock of new decorations for the tree, fireplace mantle, tabletops, bannisters, exterior; whatever areas we decide upon. These decorations can now be used year after year; their original investment depreciating substantially with every passing year. (My math skills cannot be overrated.)

I often go back each Christmas season using these self-same decorations, sometimes adding, or not using a few items, augmenting with fresh greenery for any interior and exterior areas.

Sometimes clients start with a set budget the first year (yes, designers do use that word), and then I purchase more decorations the next year, and then the year after that…
Sometimes they feel they can handle it themselves after the first year as they now have a cache of well-selected and colour coordinated decorations.

If you dream of a stunningly decorated home this Christmas, give yourself the Gift of Time and Beauty, so you can spend your precious holiday time stress-free with friends and family. After all, Christmas is about celebrating with the people we love.

From the simple to the sublime. It’s bespoke styling just for you. The gift that keeps on giving.

I look forward to making your home a solace of comfort and grace – the best and most beautiful Christmas you have ever experienced.