Here’s looking at you, kid.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
What’s the best idea of all?

Yesterday while hanging art at the end of a staging project, I picked up a piece where the client had hand-drawn a not-so-delightful picture of her two dogs. Well, that wasn’t going up. So I took out the picture and hung the empty frame with glass. If I would had more time, I would have scampered to IKEA and picked up another frame, a couple of black and white prints, and done this.
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.16.30 AM








Everything is a reflection.

A house is often described as both a reflection and an expression of who lives in it.

Our lives are like a personal movie in which we play a starring role.  Our perspective on the world is the focal point through which we view reality.  The scene in your movie may be quite different from someone else, even though the event may be exactly the same because every scene in your life is REFLECTED by your conditioned patterns.

The mirror can get dusty, smudged and sometimes, even too dirty to see yourself clearly.  But if we are present, our everyday experiences set out to reflect back valuable clues.

Now I won’t go into the questions you could be asking yourself every day, but I will give you the questions you should ask yourself before hanging an actual mirror.

  • What does it reflect – something beautiful view or nothing much?
  • Is it at the right height where it is usable?
  • Is it proportionate to the space?
  • Does it fit style-wise in the room?

Mirrors, metaphorically and actually, can do wonders for both your life and home.

Here’s looking at you, kid.