Hook, Hangers and Holding…

Hooks, Hangers and Holding

So is it true?  The more storage one has, the happier one is?  Like it or not, you have stuff.  But here’s the good news.  You don’t have to be ashamed of your stuff. (In most cases)  It may be just a matter of cleverly displaying it.

You love books?  You have more books than the Andrew Carnegie Free Library?  Stack them.  Stack them high.  Up to the ceiling if you like, to make a fab sculpture.  If you have a wide staircase, stack a pile of them on every step. Use vertical space instead of precious horizontal space and maybe even save that IKEA bookcase from collapsing under its own weight.

Now let’s talk closets.  E-gads.  Think.  If our closet ONLY had clothes in it that we LOVED, that made us smile from ear to ear, made us look good and made us feel happy, anything we put on would be an instant mood booster. Pairing down makes life a lot easier and cheaper in the long run. It’s much better to have five garments we absolutely adore rather than fifteen that are just okay. Banish mediocrity and look the part so you’ll be ready for anything.  Don’t settle for anything less than your best.  For after all, You can have too much of a good thing.” A A. Milne