Learning to be comfortable with discomfort

Discomfort isn’t bad. It’s just uncomfortable.

At the first sign, most of us run as fast as possible in the other direction by turning to our temporary pay-offs and addictions such as Busy-i-ness, not-so-dark chocolate, Home Sense, glasses of red wine, TV, social media in lieu of a real person, constant travel…anything to get rid of the discomfort.  And yet, if you take a deeper look at the stress, it’s really an unfounded fear that’s causing it.

So how do we override discomfort?








Start by picking something that’s not hard and just do a little at first.

  • Clear clutter, one drawer at a time until your whole house is organized for beautiful living.
  • Get those family photos on the wall. Start by finding them.
  • Wake a half hour earlier each day until it becomes a habit.
  • Write in your journal for 15 minutes until you work yourself up to a Pulitzer Prize.
  • Add a new food into your diet once a week until you love leeks passionately.
  • Park your car 15 minutes away from the nearest Starbucks and walk. (Or it that the addiction part?)
  • Practice meditation for 15 minutes a day until one day you find yourself be as enlightened as you are ever going to be. And then, maybe, it would be wise, to continue. You don’t have to chant anything weird, just sit in silence and notice.

The most important thing is to be careful when you design these changes to your life. Only do what you think you can comfortably manage, as a broken promise to yourself is a lie.  It will splinter you. If you cannot trust your own word, who can?

Procrastination is a Mighty Foe. It’s important to realize that when we procrastinate, we are not allowing the future into our lives.

And Smile. This is not trivial advice. If you can smile while being uncomfortable, you can learn to be happy with discomfort, with practice. It’s an important practice.

Discomfort can be the joyful key that opens up everything for you.