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With Hearts Before Agendas.
With Lives Ahead of Schedules.

It is only in recent years that we ironically spend time and money working on life balances, all the while honoring the De-cluttering Movement as it became fodder for TV shows, one after another, stacked like old newspapers placed precariously close to a space heater.







We long to equate our life’s measure not by boxes filled with the pencil scratches, but by how much freedom in our days we had to linger over coffee and conversation with neighbors. With friends. With people. In relationship. To feel…slow–er. More contemplative. With time to ponder. More at rest with yourself and those around you.

Actions are always louder than words. And so are non-actions. Slower living…with your hands and your feet and your heart and your breath. Now this is a thing worthy of your time.

GREAT FULL in black and white

What good will it be if we can name all the trees in the forest –  but we can’t see or be Great-Full for their beauty?

When we give thanks in black in white, when we write down five things we are grateful every day, we gain joy. All of us.

Let’s just call that the Luck of the Irish.

Or Gratitude for our Gifts.