Finds and Found Beauty

Living artfully might require taking the time to buy things with soul for the home. Good linens, a special rug, or a simple teapot can be a source of enrichment not only in our own life, but also in the lives of our children and grandchildren.  The soul basks in this extended sense of time.  But we can’t discover the soul in things without first taking the time to observe it and be with it for a while.  This kind of observation has a quality of intimacy about it.     -Thomas Moore,  Care of the Soul

Beauty is often portrayed as something outside of ourselves, something we can only get with a platinum card. If you search deeper, you may find that beauty resides in what you already have.  Possessions that may just need a little moving around, tweaking, losing, updating by reupholstering, refinishing, re-framing or painting.  This may be much more satisfying than seeking beauty in something new in a store, although that’s fun, too.

I regularly grab a friend and head off for a Saturday afternoon  of “what can we find today?”  Last weekend, I scored a 16 X 20 vintage black and white professional photo for $15. A discounted black frame from Home Sense and I have a piece worth hundreds at any art gallery.

Did I mention that I also went home a few hundred dollars poorer, as my friend insisted (yeah, right) that “you HAVE to buy” this 40’s ultra couture gorgeous fit-to-a-tee jacket and also a black pin striped tuxedo coat. “No more black jackets”, said I.

Well, not everyone listens to me, even me.  Although my motto is “If everyone listened to me, they’d always be right! ”

Beauty cannot be discounted or passed over.