Making a Picture Gallery

A well-hung picture gallery is one of the hardest walls to hang but there are some tips that can make for better success.  One of most important things is to have a common theme run through, like black and white images or the same framing. Often it is more interesting if you throw in a bit of color with the black and whites, as you see below with the gold framing and a bit of red in a couple of the images. It is also best not to use too many different mediums in your gallery such as oils, photos, watercolors, and prints together, unless you have a very good eye.  Another good idea is to throw in some 3-dimensional objects such as masks, letters, large keys, metal pieces, etc. to add some personality and interest.  And another very important must is to hang most of the pieces lining up with each other either horizontally or vertically.  The best way to do this is to lay all of them on the floor, moving them around until you have the best arrangement for your wall.