“One person, one wall, and one home at a time.”

                       (With apologies to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz)Image

Want to finally get those family pictures on the wall ? 

Does the idea of this send you running out the door? 
Many despair of this daunting task – and for good reason.  GALLERY WALLS are the most difficult walls to hang, as anything and everything can make the cut. 
The most successful and interesting are those made up of an eclectic mix of art, photographs, prints, clocks, children’s artwork, masks, letters, stencils, wooden signs…anything.
Doing it well, the gallery wall becomes a wall of beautiful memories to share with family, friends and visitors.
The only rule is that it all has to work together.
Thus the dilemma.  This is quite difficult to do without a good design eye.
And that’s where I come in.