Quick and Easy Curb Appeal, Naturally

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Give the front door a modern spin on traditional seasonal decor with a square boxwood wreath.  Or turn it a little and hang it as a diamond.

Boxwood wreaths are available either fresh or freeze-dried.  Freeze dried wreaths are a great investment as they stay green and fresh for years (as long as they are not in direct sunlight), adding a lush natural touch with zero maintenance.  Add a little something to a round wreath by tying on a birch bark star.


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Come Let Us Us Adore It

What is more natural and beautiful than a mixed evergreen garland draped on a balcony railing or around the front door.  Garlands are available at some garden stores.  All you have to do is measure the length you require and hang.

Thread through twinkling fairy lights and you have a simple and classic holiday look.  (Canadian Tire has battery-operated LED holiday lights with self-timers, so you don’t have to go outside until January!)



Urns, glorious urns

There is just something about urns flanking a doorway.  Classic and always a favorite.

Laden urns with mixed greens such as cedar, spruce and pine.  Anchor tall branches and birch poles in the center, adding height and drama.  If you have frozen soil in the planters, put in wet florist foam first to hold the branches upright and steady.  Water in the greens from time to time and they will last until spring.