C. Prystai – Condo Owner

“Hi Karyn – Thank you so much for doing this piece on your blog. Really resonates with me, particularly as you did two of my walls with my artwork and native carvings. Whether I am eating at my table or sitting in my living room or cooking in my kitchen, I can look at those walls with the pieces that I love and enjoy them all the time. It doesn’t hurt that people are absolutely wowed when they come into my place !!! You really are a genius!!”

B. Lapaire – Realtor
“Now that I am retired, I miss the part of real estate work where we got together for staging my listings. You always did a beautiful job and helped me tremendously to sell the properties – especially the ones that presented visual challenges. You made homes/condos/tiny apartments look so welcoming and soothing.”

J. Bennett – Homeowner

“Karyn -Just a quick note to thank you for all the work you did to help ready our house for sale. We are pleased to tell you that we had an offer 2 days after listing and that we have officially sold our house with a possession date of August 31. Thanks so much!”

K. Galbraith – Condo Owner
“Hi Karyn – Gary has the pics posted and everything looks phenomenal! Why are we moving, I asked myself?  Thanks so much for your help. I certainly enjoy working with you and look forward to you styling our new condo.” 

J. Durant – Homeowner  

“Karyn – the house is beautiful! Thank you.

So….do you also do take down?

Thanks again. We arrived home late last night and it was a wonderful surprise. Paul said you made him promise not to send photos and he didn’t. His message to me was ‘OMG, Mom. The tree is GORGEOUS! No way ANY of us could ever come up with something like that!'”

S. Heinrich – Homeowner/Realtor

Re: ‘Art is Vital’ Blog – “Sage advice from my favourite home stager, the über-talented, Karyn Elliott of Crazy House. In addition to amazing client transformations over the years Karyn helped me set up when we moved into our 1958 bungalow (“the TV has been in the wrong place for 55 years” she quipped, so I booked Shaw Cable the next day)!

I love how our house functions. All the art, mirrors and furniture are in the perfect spot. Karyn, we finally got around to switching the basement guest bed to the other wall like you’ve been telling me. Son of a gun if that didn’t completely change the space 10x for the better!”

H. Uyehara – Homeowner –  Honolulu, Hawaii

“I still have to pinch myself, re: the amount of work you accomplished in such a short time!

I purchased the matching second pillow for the wicker chair in the living room. I’m going to the upholsterer to select braid this morning for the dining room chairs, and the painter is coming by for a quote. Thank you also, for including all the botanical prints – I LOVE them. My husband and I are privileged to know you –  as well as being a very talented designer.”

C. Prystai – Condo Owner

“You did an AMAZING transformation staging my condo!!!! My family and friends loved it. Many compliments. I told them who had done the staging (they KNEW it wasn’t me). It’s on the market today and I don’t think it will be long before it sells, thanks to you. I look forward to working together with you in my new home. I have seen the magic that you can do!”

P. Gore  –  Homeowner

“We used you to stage our home in Point McKay when Brian sold it for us in December. You did such a great job it sold after its second showing! We have now renovated our new house and just moved in this weekend. Could get your help again, this time styling our new home? I don’t want to put anything on the walls without you. Thanks so much!”

J. Rae – Homeowner

“You must have a degree in Marketing as well as Interior Decorating! I was one of your “happy customers” fifteen years ago and to this day. You remember me every holiday. I don’t know how you do it! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the Valentines Day Chocolates and cards, and Christmas Cards, yummy cupcakes and all other special things that you have filled envelopes with…

If ever I need someone to help me “stage” our home again… you are my girl.

We may never move from this location in Okotoks though. We back onto the lake. Have a western exposure, so lots of sun…. and a custom built home now. You did however make our last house look so nice that “I” sold it myself… without a realtor in record time. Thank you, Karyn.”

F. Weston – Condo Owner

On two separate occasions I have used Karyn’s services in staging a condo property for sale. Her sharp attention to detail, creative use of limited space, and eclectic taste resulted in quick sales during tough market conditions. I wouldn’t dream of listing another property until Karyn had worked her magic first!”

S. Milloy – Homeowner

“I cannot put into words how wonderful it was to live in our house after you floated through. Thank you for that and just so you know the house hit the listings on May long weekend Friday and was sold by Sunday. I do feel that this was in a very big part do to your amazing efforts before you headed away to Croatia.”

R. Alibhai – Realtor Re/Max Central

Wanted to thank you for helping my clients stage their home. It did sell in a day, with multiple offers and over list! We appreciated all the help and suggestions.”

M. McElligott – Homeowner

“We sold our house in 1 day on the weekend. Thank you so much for your help. Honestly,  you made the huge difference for us.You are awesome!”

J. Hunter – Broker/Owner Coldwell Banker

“We sold that place on the first showing on the first day! $100K more than they bought it for 14 months earlier and they only put in a new furnace.  Good staging!”

S. Roenisch – Homeowner/realtor

“After you finished styling my home, I took the dogs to River Park for a walk, and ran into a friend.  I told her what a magnificent day I had with you, and she said, “Isn’t it amazing when you do something good for yourself?
So I can’t thank you enough for being with me today! I feel terrific and my house looks amazing, Karyn. You are soooo talented!

K. Markle – Homeowner

“A quick note to let know know much much I LOVE my house! Having you come in and tweak the furniture placement and hang our multitudes of art has made all the difference in the world. Our new home looks beautiful and cozy – like we have lived here forever. I feel so settled and happy. You are one talented woman! Thank you.”

J. Dufault – Re/Max iRealty Innovations

“Karyn, you did an awesome job. The home is now conditionally sold! Wow, that was fast, I haven’t even got the sign up yet!”

J. Gibson – Re/Max First

“I swung by the condo tonight and you did a fabulous job with what is there. Gone is the feeling of “Gramps place.” Now it has the warm eclectic feel of a well-traveled man or woman (it was too masculine before). You’ve made everything work together. I love how you hung the photos at the breakfast bar – the old bar stools don’t look nearly so dated. The oval mirror in the bath works beautifully (where DID you find it?), and the awkward corner is now a lovely reading nook. I cleaned out the closet and a few more things from the pantry and afterwards I could have just stayed and curled up with a book. Thanks so much!” 

M. Fink Fraser – Royal LePage

“Hi, Karyn – Just got back from Mexico yesterday and yes, that sale was a great way to leave for my trip!! Property was on the market for over 8 months. I brought the price up $5000 after you worked your magic and it sold to the second set of buyers who looked at it about 9 days after you finished! Thanks so much….great work. “

L.Watson – Condo Owner

“Being on the market for quite some time, I needed a homestager to convert my condo unit to a home. Karyn was able to purchase new furniture and accessories that would make for a welcoming and attractive home appealing to prospective buyers. Her design concept was simple, current and capitalized on the strengths of my home. Karyn was very efficient, organized and cost effective in her staging approach to her design service. I would highly recommend Crazy House Home Staging for anyone wanting to sell their property for the optimal price quickly.” 

L. Lundquist – Homeowner

“You helped stage my home in Citadel Estates Heights in February. I have to say, that your expertise absolutely played a huge part in helping us sell our home privately. It was the best 90 minutes ever spent on my house! You helped us accomplish so much in that short time frame. I followed the advice you gave me during our time together and within 10 days of having realtors bring their buyers into our home this summer, we had an offer. I will definitely be recommending Crazy House to my southern Albertan friends.Thank you so much!” 

R.Steen – Homeowner

“All the vortexes were aligned when we put our house on the market in May, as we had an offer over list in less than 24 hrs! I know the staging was a big part of it. Thank you again for your expertise.”

P. and R. VanderLinden – Homeowner

“Our house sold in one day much thanks to the rental furniture and staging! The young couple that came to see it offered full price but we had another buyer later offering $2500 more so the young couple offered $7500 over asking and we accepted. They came over to sign the papers that night and the young wife thanked us for selling them our beautiful home. As Karyn can attest when she first saw the Sally Ann furniture, the staged first floor did it’s magic. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

J. McNeill – Royal LePage Foothills

“This fall I was contracted by a seller to sell two vacant homes in Tuscany. Though the market has been challenging throughout the city, this neighborhood was particularly hard hit and the pace of home sales had slowed tremendously. We decided that staging the house could give us an edge and interviewed several companies. Crazy House was an easy first choice. Everything was handled perfectly from communication, design choices, timing, installation and cost effectiveness. As a result, these houses both sold in a remarkably short period of time, one and three weeks respectively. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and plan to use them whenever possible.” 

M. Pope – Homeowner

“I just spent the last two months de-cluttering my home and, sad as it is to admit, I didn’t even recognize some of the items unearthed…and they were in my house! (So if anyone’s missing a large peanut-shaped covered dish with a porcelain squirrel inside, my apologies but it’s gone now.) My realtor rewarded me with an introduction to Karyn Elliott of Crazy House – the homestager who would ‘dress’ my home for sale. Karyn whirled through my place, leaving a trail of orange sticky notes tagging items that needed to be removed and suggestions for me to tackle – from painting the pink and blue bedrooms back to soft white, moving furniture, taking down all artwork (which she later put back up but in different places), purchasing new bedding, towels, soap dispensers, lighting, etc. The total investment was $2500 and the end effect was after only 5 days on the market, my home is sold.”

J Hassenbach – Homeowner

“We used Karyn of Crazy House and she was FABULOUS. Very energetic- goes through the house like a whirlwind. It was SO worth it, I doubt we would have sold the house for anywhere close to the money we got without Karen’s help.”

G. Leblanc – Homeowner

“Karyn, we sold the house last week after just two weeks on the market. Not only did it go quickly, but we got pretty much what we were asking for it – listed at $587.5 and got $576. I believe we got real good value for the relatively small investment that we made in ”modernizing” it. I want to thank you doing both the decorating and the staging. I’m convinced that’s what sold the house at the price we got – the before and after pictures are dramatically different. I especially appreciate you doing the selection and shopping for the accessories. On my own, I would never have chosen what you did, but the look and feel of the finished product was very polished and professional. Also, you have a great crew of contractors behind you. They showed up as scheduled, were pleasant and professional, did a great job and took their mess with them when they left. All in all it was a positive and productive experience, so thanks again – I appreciate it .”

L. Tidale – Homeowner

“FYI – we listed at 9 a.m. & sold at 7 p.m. ! For more than list price! So your wish for a quick and profitable sale came true. The hard work on your advice certainly paid off, so thanks again and all the best for a crazy future.”

A. Haney – Homeowner

“We had three viewings and two offers in the first two days. We have accepted an offer and the home inspection is set to take place tomorrow. My husband was skeptical of the home staging process, but it worked! I thought I knew what needed to be done, but I could never have been as ruthless in the de-cluttering process as you made us be. Thanks again for your work.”

S. Latimer – Homeowner

“Great news – the condo sold in under a week! Many thanks for all your great work – the condo looked really great and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the reason it attracted attention (we actually had two offers) was because it was staged so perfectly. I am absolutely delighted by everything you did – your decorating skills are marvelous, attention to detail is fabulous and your prompt and timely service better than I ever could have asked for – many thanks again.”

J. Kelly – Homeowner

“We want to thank you for helping us stage our home for sale. You probably know by now that the first person in the door bought the house. Amazing for these times, right? It was a real relief to us as we were prepared for the long haul. Again, we appreciate all your expertise.”

M. Miyagishima – Homeowner

“I thought you would like to know that we followed your recommendations quite closely with spectacular results! You’ll recall that we are in a 50 year old bungalow. We took out around 100 boxes of ‘stuff’ from our home, moved out the piano and extra furniture that you indicated we should move, arranged the closets as suggested, streamlined the kitchen – the place looks just great. And the proof is in the pudding – we sold it on the first day to the first people who saw our home. We closed the deal 12 hours later. Our buyers told their realtor to tell us how much they appreciated all we had done to prepare the house. We got 99.5% of our asking price. We would never have done all that we did to stage our home without your recommendations. It was a lot of work but absolutely worth it. The funny thing too is that, except for missing our photographs and my piano, I like our house better this way! Thank you, Karyn.”

K. Anhorn – Homeowner

“I just wanted to let you know that our house sold in less than 24 hours! I had so much fun transforming my house with you! If I knew the magic that you could perform, I would have done this years ago so that I could have enjoyed my house more before selling it!! I will have you back soon after I move so that you can help me create the space and the peacefulness in my new home. I love my master bedroom – I don’t want to leave it now!”

N. Worsfold – Homeowner

“Hi Karyn, just thought I would let you know what a success the house you staged was. The first people to come through bought the house. They loved the colours, furniture and art arrangement so much, they wanted to buy it with the furniture! It definitely wouldn’t have sold so quickly without your help, especially in this declining market. The best part is we sold it for 98.5% of the listing price. “

B. Belding – Homeowner

“I want to thank you tremendously for everything you did for me. You may not think so, but I am truly amazed at how you took my own belongings and turned my place into “show suite” quality! I am very impressed with your skills, and experience… and especially your “eyes” for how you put everything together. This place is so unimaginable to me that I’d actually like to stay now! I’m sure you’d never need my reference (as you already seem to have an excellent practice happening), but just wanted to let you know that I’d be there for you in a New York second.

E. Weinhaupl – Homeowner

“I wanted to let you know that after you staged my home, we sold it in one afternoon (with multiple offers) and well over the asking price! I am grateful for your assistance and know that the repositioning of our pieces, along with a few small purchases, helped in creating the look and feel to prospective buyers and for that we are truly thankful. I look forward to working with you when we purchase our new home! “

M. Marchi – Homeowner

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent advice. You came out and gave me an hour of advice to help prepare our house for selling. A lot of the suggestions you made were things I would have never thought about, but they worked and definitely made our house look bigger. We put our house on the market last week, and had a total of 7 showings. We ended up with 5 offers and our house is now sold. We even had a bidding war!”

Eva W. – Homeowner

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent advice you provided to us regarding selling our house. We implemented four changes, changing the light fixtures, re-carpeting the stairway, tiling the ensuite and refinishing the wood flooring. The house sold in under a week. The changes cost around $5000, which was recouped in the sale. I only wish we would have made those changes for us and not for our buyers! “

E. Grant – Homeowner

“Thank you very much for all your help Karyn. I was very impressed by your willingness to meet my deadlines and time constraints and the positive results we achieved in a very short time frame. The comments I received back from the realtor tour the day after all our hard work were that “they were wowed by their first impression” and that “our house was the best on the tour in its price range”. I also appreciated how easy you were to work with. Thanks again for everything. “

K. Hale – RE/MAX First

“As a professional realtor, my job is to obtain the best price possible for my client’s homes. To do so, presentation of the home is critical. That is where Karyn Elliott of Crazy House comes in. Karyn is a true expert in home staging for resale. I call in Karyn to work her magic, often using only the home owner’s own possessions. Karyn highlights the home’s best features and creates an ambience that makes buyers instantly feel at home.”

P. Truman – Homeowner

“Karyn found the most beautiful color for the family room at our old house which worked perfectly with the panelling, fireplace and window views of the trees. The color always had a relaxed, earthy feel as it changed throughout the day and into the evening.
When it was time to sell, watching Karyn do the staging on this quaint, but too-small-for-teenagers bungalow was a real treat. With energy and purpose, she moved quickly about the house decluttering our sunroom, styling a bookcase, rearranging furniture in the living areas, selecting forgotten books and accessories, pulling from the garage, cast-off little side tables creating an appealing invitation to buy. She found economical ways to brighten the master bedroom with paint, new blinds, and white bedding, and rearranged the art and plants to produce a spacious, clean feel.
The overall effect was tidy, refreshing, and roomy. A prospective buyer could easily see a home waiting for them to occupy and left us wanting to stay and experience our home in this new way.
Now in our new house, Karyn picked carpet and paint colors, shopped for furniture and accessories, hung pictures, and advised on upgrade changes such as lighting , window treatments and bathroom fixtures. Manoeuvering past fears of “too dark”, she found another fabulous ‘living’ colour for the open entrance, living room and dining area to warm and elicit ‘awes ‘ from all.”

J. Kaufman – Century 21

“Over the past several years I have been using Karyn’s skills to help sell my homes. In a competitive market I feel it’s necessary to provide your client with every possible advantage. I achieve a sales to list ratio near 100% which is almost double the market average and Karyn deserves many thanks as part of my marketing.”

D. Julian – Homeowner

“My house had been on the market for quite some time. I always thought it looked great, but I knew something had to be changed. My boyfriend and I had done a ton of work on the house in the past five years and everyone that saw it said that it looked great. There was a lot of interest, but I was not getting any offers. This was the confusing part. My realtor gave me Karyn’s number and I called her that night to set up an appointment. What I really liked about her work was she used things I already had in the house. I didn’t have to buy a lot of things. She deleted items, moved furniture around, showed me how to organize the closets and choose a new paint color for one wall. We had a showing first thing Monday morning. They put in an offer the next day and by the third day the sale was finalized. Karyn was right. She had told me that the first person that walked in the house should buy it and it worked! Thank you, Karyn, for giving me the ideas to make my house sell. It would still be on the market if it wasn’t for you.”

G. and R. Kydd – Homeowners

“When we decided to sell our home in Calgary recently I was very worried about how I could get it ready. We had moved to the west coast and our student daughter was living in the house with a minimum of furniture. Karyn had done some design work for us in the past and I knew about her home staging skills so I gave her a call. She very quickly visited our home and gave me a detailed list of what should be done to make the house more attractive to potential buyers. At the top of her list was freshening some paint and changing the colour of two of the bedrooms. Karyn was able to arrange for painters to come in, and then she hired a cleaning team to come just before we returned. My husband painted the decks, I did the garden and we power washed the outside. The following day, Karyn gave us last minute advice and tips. She and I chose and borrowed some original art and she put them up. To complete the house Karyn brought in a set of dining room chairs. My husband, our daughter and I worked hard that evening following Karyn’s advice and by the time we were finished the house looked very attractive. The photos were on the Internet by the next day and in three days we had two offers of the asking price. We are certain that Karyn’s help added at least $10,000 to the sale. Thank you Karyn – you are amazing!”

Denise & Wayne Chaulk – Royal LePage

“We were thrilled with the transformation to our listing which had not solicited a single offer in the six months we had it on the market. Within a few days of your staging we had an offer on the table which has now successfully firmed up. What you achieved in a three hour period was truly amazing – from clutter and cramped quarters to space, order, balance and some pizzaz! Thank you – it won’t be the last time we call on your expertise!” 

K. Holmes – Century 21 The Professionals

“I was marketing a home in an area that was saturated with listings, therefore many homes were staying on the market for months. Karyn came in and staged the home and within 3 days of staging the home was sold! Karyn is a very dynamic person who has a way of making the work fun and exciting. She is also a very efficient individual who will give you your money’s worth! Great job, Karyn!” 

L. Dale – Homeowner

“When my realtor suggested hiring Karyn, at first I questioned spending the money and I also thought she might not be sensitive to my personal taste which, I assumed, was somewhat conservative. I now believe that, at less than 1% of the cost of my renovations, it was the best decision I ever made. She helped move me towards dynamic colours that I like, instead of the “off-whites” that, looking back at it, I might have chosen. However, I think the best value she had was in getting me to think at a different level and gave me the freedom to think about my house in an entirely new way. Above all, when I told her I might bash out a wall to give me more light in my study, she suggested a larger window instead! Talk about thinking “outside of the box”! Far more practical, less costly, and I love it! “

A. and A. Boyco – Homeowners

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Karyn of CRAZY HOUSE for the miraculous transformation of our listed home. Prior to meeting with Karyn we were on the market for 89 days without a single offer. We finally decided to retain the services of a realtor who incorporates Karyn’s home staging services. We consulted with Karyn, who spent approximately 4 hours with us. We had an offer from the first person that walked in! The service that Karyn provided was stellar to say the least. Karyn has a keen eye for design, and is extremely passionate about her work. She is able to place herself in the prospective buyer’s shoes, and offers the homeowner an objective, fresh perspective of what buyers truly want in a home. We wholeheartedly recommend Karyn to anyone seriously looking to sell their home in record time, and for top dollar.”

S. Biddle – Homeowner

“Everyone that came through the house loved the look of the house. If there was one comment that came across more than any other it was ‘the house is so much bigger than it seems from the outside’. I can pretty much guarantee we wouldn’t have heard that kind of comment before you staged it. Even the hard-nosed realtors that came in were impressed.
You made the staging process so much less intimidating than I anticipated it to be. We don’t have a lot of expensive art work and designer furniture (practically none, in fact) but you managed to make even our ordinary things look interesting and art-like. I was also incredibly impressed with the speed at which you worked, your organizational ability, your patience and sensitivity, and the totally professional (not artsy) manner that you maintained through the whole process. This was our first time working with an interior designer of any sort and it ended up being a fun, educational, and totally worthwhile experience. We really like the way the house looks now and we were really proud to show it off to our friends, neighbours, and, of course, potential buyers through the open houses. My only regret is that we didn’t do this years ago so we could enjoy it more ourselves. We are definitely going to get you to come back to do our new house – for our own family this time!”

T. Newsham – Century 21

“Alice and I are so grateful for what you did for our house. We had been listed for over 100 days and no offers. Only 8 days after the facelift we had an offer!!!! We accepted it. Thanks again.”

Janet Miller – MaxWell Canyon Creek

“Thanks, Karyn, for your excellent work with my most recent listing clients. I am thrilled with the process and the results! Both of these rather unique properties sold to the very first person that looked! In both cases your efficient and personal efforts helped the sellers to use what they had already, and not spend any extra money, to put on their home’s best face! My clients were impressed knowing that I was willing to invest my money to hire you to help them best present their house. I’m impressed knowing that hiring you was money better used than in advertising! I look forward to continuing to make use of your very powerful system to sell my listings quickly and efficiently! Thank you! “

K. Clark RRS Agent/Manager – RE/MAX House of Real Estate

“Four months into a listing and not a single offer on a beautiful, fully developed walk-out bungalow in Signature Point. I had simply run out of ideas until I remembered Karyn Elliott and her promotion of Home Staging services. With the resignation of final resort we called her for a consultation. From the moment she stepped through the door Karyn provided insight, ideas and advice on what could be done to help our situation. Her absolute professionalism and manner completely reassured my client who made a 1% capital value investment in re-preparing their home for sale. A week later we were back on the market and had our first offer within 24 hours. The second offer came in a few days later and closed within 2% of list price. I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider Karyn’s services. Even a basic consultation may well put dollars in your Seller’s pocket and a quicker sale for everyone.”

Amy Brooks – RE/MAX House of Real Estate

“I have employed Karyn Elliott from Crazy House on many different occasions and have found her to be creative and certainly hard working. Her flair for design has always delighted my clients as well as myself.
I believe that home staging is an important part of selling a listing. Homes that show poorly or have a lack of character and appeal tend to affect buyers negatively. Karyn’s ideas make hard to use spaces become cozy reading nooks or inviting sewing areas rather than “what would you ever put there”? spaces. She uses what is in the home and finds things tucked away that make the home fun, inviting and interesting. Every single one of my clients have inquired about using Karyn to design their new homes – a reflection of how pleased they have been with her services.”

Lorna Hamm – RE/MAX House of Real Estate

“I wish to thank Karyn Elliott of Crazy House for a recent success story. I listed a home for a former client on a lovely street in the southeast close to Fish Creek Park. I honestly couldn’t believe how filthy & untidy the home was. The sellers worked steadily for a week to clean and repair the home to prepare it for sale. In my opinion it still did not show well. I thought it was beyond help. (My clients also had a very small budget to work with). We booked showing after showing and no offers came in. Finally, in desperation I called Karyn at Crazy House. She spent two hours with my seller and performed a miracle. We had an offer within ten days and successfully completed the sale of the home. I would highly recommend Crazy House whenever you are faced with a challenge when selling your listings.”

D. Conklin – Condo owner

“We did it! First person through. I did everything you said to do. Another testimonial to your talents. Not one offer last summer (four months on the market). Thank you so much. It was worth the work.”

Gary Williams – RE/MAX Professionals

“Crazy House provides an amazing service in staging homes for sale. Karyn has worked for several of my clients and staged my own home. All of the houses sold quickly. In fact, my own home looked so good, I thought, “Why am I moving?” Karyn is professional, quick and has an exceptional talent for rearranging, color co-ordination and placement of furniture, pictures and other pieces of art. In addition to staging homes for sale, I have recommended Crazy House to clients who simply wish to give their home a new look.”

 M. Lee – Homeowner

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you did in staging our 6600 square foot home. Our home was sold within 24 hours! You truly did an outstanding job, Karyn. You had great ideas and an uncanny ability to pull everything together and change things around as required…we believe your creativity added another $40,000 to the selling price to our home.”

Ellyn Mendham – RE/MAX Realty Professionals

“My favorite success story comes from work with Walter on his 2-story beltline condo. Walter’s penthouse unit was in a great building and offered underground parking and a sunny south exposure. Unfortunately comments after every showing were basically complaints from prospective buyers who felt the home needed too much work. Then we called in Karyn Elliott of CRAZY HOUSE. She suggested some low cost improvements…new paint, carpet and countertops and a fresh facing on the fireplace drastically changed the home’s first impression. Before the work was even finished we sold the property based on its new higher list price. Karyn’s help with home staging is indispensable. She provided the perfect strategy for quick sale at top dollar.”

S. Roelofs – Homeowner

“When my husband and I read Karyn’s recent article entitled” Want to Sell Your House Fast and For more Money”, our interest was peaked. We knew we had accumulated a lot, I mean a lot, of stuff over the past several years. Our friends and family joked that we had enough stuff to fill a store. However, we both agreed that the time had come to “get rid of the clutter”. After our first consultation, Karyn set to work, moving furniture, telling me what she wanted to use in the future and what I could pack away. Needless to say, this lady is amazing! From a house of clutter, she created a showpiece.”

Lorena Wozney – RE/MAX House of Real Estate

“What a pleasure it has been to work with someone who has as much energy and enthusiasm as you have. The transformation in the MacDonald’s house was magical; you did a fabulous job! And your help getting ready for our public open house went above and beyond the call of duty. It was a delight sitting the open house with so many people “oohing and aahing” about the decorating…You made it look like a show home – only better since you add such charming little touches that make all the difference….You have the talent for evoking the emotional response that makes a buyer say, “This is the one!”

W. Gilmore – Homeowner

“Karyn saved my life and my time!
My former tenant suddenly moved out of my rental house without any notice. The house was left in the worst possible condition. Ruined carpets, damage, junk left in the basement and yard. We were on our way out of the country for 2 weeks. I had no time to arrange for cleanup and repairs. The house could not be rented or sold in this condition.
Karyn arranged for new carpet installation, whole house painting, yard and basement cleanup, repairs and house cleaning. We had agreed on an approximate price and all the work was completed within the 2 week period within the budget. Karyn is very pleasant to work with and has a multitude of trades at her disposable. She supervised everything and completed the job beautifully. Thanks, Karyn.”

G. Graham – Homeowner

“The house was on the market for one day. During the day, 12 different real estate agents took people through the house. Of the 12 groups through, 2 groups put in offers and 3 groups returned for another visit. When I got back that evening I had an offer on the house at my asking price. I am starting to wonder whether I should have put up the asking price! We were both surprised at the action and the amount we got for the house. Thank you very much for all your work. I am just sorry I couldn’t live in the house instead of having to sell it.”

L. Rasmussen – Homeowner

“What amazes me about Karyn is that she always seems so keenly interested in my home. She honours my preferences and my lifestyle and I never feel for a moment that she is pressuring me or foisting her tastes upon me. She is always calm and reassuring, which is a godsend when one is in the midst of a renovation.
Renovating can be a stressful business, with the myriad of choices to be made and an overwhelming number of options available in the marketplace. I found Karyn’s expertise invaluable in sifting through the options and narrowing down my choices to a manageable level. She has a wonderful eye for colour and a solid knowledge on the impact of light on colour. She has a high standard concerning quality of material and workmanship, and is obviously very knowledgeable about the products and services available in the marketplace. She is confident and approachable and most importantly, fun to work with. I would not hesitate to work with Karyn again, and plan to contract her much earlier in the process next time.

B. Elchuk – Homeowner

“I read about Karyn in the Calgary Herald and decided that I needed her services when selling my home. I had many showings and no offers. Needless to say, I had to drop the asking price for the house. I wish I had consulted with Karyn before it had come to that.
After Karyn had staged the house, the first couple to look at it paid the full asking price. Now, it’s not easy to get your home staged by Karyn. She makes you do your homework, too. Clean out closets, clutter, etc. Not fun, but it certainly makes sense when you see it all done. And it’s something you would have to do anyway when moving day finally arrives -which will occur sooner if you get Karyn to offer her services.”

P. Watson – Homeowner

“Thank you very much for all your help. We had many compliments on the house. It was great. We put the house up for sale when we went on vacation and it was sold before we came home. No fuss – no muss, thanks to all the work we did ahead of time. There was a house down the street that was very similar to our home, and it is still up for sale after five plus months. I also feel good that the new owners are getting a nice home.”

L. Bailey – Townhouse Owner

“I wanted to let you know that my home is SOLD!!!!! Yeah! Only 16 days on the market. Everything worked out the way I wanted. Thank you again for your guidance and professional assistance in making my home look exceptional. Everything that was needed to be done was done to make it stand out from the compettion. I am a big advocate for staging and making a home look exceptional when trying to sell. Proof positive especially in this market! If only I could convince some of my other friends who are trying to sell their homes that it really works. Thank you so much, Karyn.”

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