The Common Place Book

Go forth and dysfunction – “The Common Place Book”

Dysfunction makes us interesting. The term tortured artist had to come from somewhere. Notably brilliant and neurotic-authors and artists include Salvador Dali, Charles Dickens, and, of course, Woody Allen. According to Marcel Proust, “Everything great in the world comes from neurotics.” Fortunately, the flourishing dysfunction industry means that there are available tools for those who want to understand, process, and, in some cases rectify their dysfunctions – and none are more manageable and universally available than the journal.

I’ve heard people bemoan the discipline of daily journaling. There is another way to learn about you, something I have been doing for years.  I call it a commonplace book. It’s in my bedside table at all times and in my journeys and in this I write down quotes I love, authors, book titles I have read or want to read, the names of people want to know more about, films I want to see, poems, music lyrics, a written record of what happened on a special day or week, anything at all to record my life and interests over the years.  It’s often surprising how wise I once was.