The Full Catastrophe

Alexis Zorba: “Am I not a man? And is a man not stupid? I’m a man, so I married. Wife, children, house, everything. The full catastrophe.”

This really was not a lament on Zorba’s part. He didn’t mean that being married or having kids was a disastrous state to be in. Zorba’s position before life was always one of amazement and his response to life was an outpouring of appreciation for its fullness and richness: life with its sorrows, tragedies, trials and inconsistencies. Zorba lived, really lived life, to its fullest — he was alive to the full catastrophe.

The full catastrophe. But this doesn’t mean your closet.

There could be a plethora of reasons why you are keeping what you are keeping in your closet, but frankly, it doesn’t really matter, all I know is, now is the time to let some things move on to a higher incarnation.  Your closet rod will thank you.

Life is loss. And that’s definite.  And in terms of your closet, I sincerely hope so.

Many cities have a myriad of opportunities to re-purpose your castaways, as well as provide a much needed and appreciated service.  One such organization is  Calgary’s “Walk-in Closet.” Its mandate is to empower women by providing knowledge and a selection of work attire for their transition into the workplace.  There are donation opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and opportunities to clean out your closet.

So if you’re tired of looking for that pair of black pants every morning….Well good, because they’re tired of hiding.