The Lost Art of Dawdling


The Lost Art of Dawdling

I don’t know how we got to be in such a hurry these days. Actually I blame the spell-casters of the modern world, commonly known as marketers who have convinced most of the planet that a micro-second faster is worth an upgrade and that there is no possible way on earth you could  leave your house in the morning without wearing, using or ingesting their product.   Now don’t take me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against beauty. In fact I am 100 per cent behind beauty.

So given these two parameters of beauty and dawdling….whoa…how did I get there so fast?

Keep up.

Beauty is everywhere. Everywhere. Even in the most impoverished areas of the world.
We tend to name things beautiful like new spring growth or the silver blessing of snow on tree limbs, a single flower, a cloud formation highlighted in a sunset, the silhouette of a gray cityscape, a beautiful sunset, as in our minds we see that close to perfection. And yet if we are to reclaimed our flawed lives as beautiful, are we not to see the faded fabric of a sofa, the worn twine of a rocker, the peeling paint on a chair just as beautiful?  The irregular and incomplete, the humble and the simple, the impermanent and the imperfect all have a place amongst us, as we have among them. Take this amazing use of the old in our world – Watch:  Landfillharmonic

The more we are open to looking for beauty, in even the smallest of circumstances, the more it shows up for us.  We just have to be present to the moment.  It can literally stop us in our tracks.

Now for dawdling. Dawdling for the body is like pondering for the mind.  What would you miss if you don’t dawdle. Well, you’ll never know,  will you?