The Not So Blank Canvas

Like most of life, rarely can one live in singularity.

“I understand now that everything – whales and dolphins, Palestinians and Jews, stray cats, rain forests, mansions and mining villages – they’re all interconnected, held together by some mysterious force – call it glue, if you like.”  -Marina Lewycka, We Are All Made of Glue

Take one of Calgary’s newest restaurants, Canvas, where art and food come together with a gallery-like atmosphere.   The interior has tall tables and white walls featuring bright pieces of artwork, adding that certain je ne sais quoi to the experience.

Then there is furniture, some of which does more than double duty. One of the best is at Bo Concept. It’s an adjustable height coffee table that can be raised to transform the living area into the dining area.  The coffee table with a twist—in seconds the top lifts and locks to dining or worktable height, stores household goods, too. Its great for snacking, working on a laptop, or just relaxing. Classically designed, this table has plenty of storage space easily accessed through front and back-hinged doors and an adjustable shelf inside allows you to configure the space easily.

Remember, everything flows from desire.