The Quiet Revolution

The best gifts are found in your heart.  Begin your Christmas Giving now with the creation of a Because Box. Make or find a beautiful little box filled with notes to complete phrases such as “I love you because….”  You may want to add more each year or make a “Because  Box” for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. Or a “Remember when….”box.  Or a box filled with “acts of service” notes to be used throughout the year.

The Quiet Revolution. The best thing to spend on your friends and family is time. When you make a scrapbook, craft an album, design a DVD slide show, sew a story quilt, collage a book, publish a photo book on your computer, create a shadow box filled with memorable treasures, write a poem or story, compile a CD of favorite songs, you reawaken what is truly important by celebrating people and moments.  The creativity, time, and effort all say “Its a Wonderful World” and I’m so blessed that you’re in mine.  All express something unique and essential to illuminate and celebrate those things that make a life that matters.