Time and Pressure

Ah yes, the study of time and pressure…and not geology.

Was having a soothing, bubbly soak in the tub this morning wondering what I could write to you about today, when I sat bolt upright in my suds.  I realized, in horror, a horrible potentiality with this ‘consciousness’ thing.  What if everyone became conscious?  Imagine.   Whole industries would be cut off at their knees.  Buckle in bankruptcy.  Mourn in awareness.

Think of the beautiful love songs.  They would be all be gone.  Disappear.  Forever. Never to be written again.  The angst of searching for the one and only – the perfect person to complete them-else-you-will-die.   Songwriters would have to realize that there is no such person.  And you won’t die. Maybe just live.  Romantic movies with buttered popcorn – slashed away, falling in shreds to the cutting room floor. No longer would an hour and a half be spent looking for this perfect person (in my case, it would be George Clooney).   Churches empty – the Pope out of a job.  Psychotherapy offices closed up.  The book industry.  OH MY GOD! No, not self- help books.  They must be saved.  And Oprah, she wouldn’t be able to be a billionaire any longer. She would have to sell her houses in Antigua, New Jersey, California, Chicago, Indiana, Miami, Connecticut, Colorado, and Maui…Dr. Phil, also out of a job. Oh, and Ellen – please don’t take Ellen off the air.  She wouldn’t be able to do that little dance of hers.  And drugs, seminars and whining.  It would all be gone.  Oh, and the list goes on.

It’s scary, isn’t it, these loses. But don’t worry, it ain’t gonna happen.  Not for a long long time. Whew!  Maybe I can go back to my bubbly unconsciousness bath now – after I take my anxiety pill. That was close.