Tired of picking up after yourself…


HOME may be a place where you welcome friends and family with open arms, but your bedroom should be a haven with a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door.  No matter who lives in the room with you or it is yours alone, the bedroom should not be a workplace.

So what are you doing in your bedroom?  Don’t tell me sleeping, cause I won’t believe you. Remember Dorothy didn’t say – “There’s no place like work.”

Just as the words ‘night’ and ‘sleep’ are not synonymous, either are the words ‘bedroom’ and ‘boudoir’.

Let’s think of some of the reasons you have a bedroom. How about some “r” words, like rest, repose and relaxation?  Maybe, reading and romance? 

But your bedroom may look more like a bill paying station, or an exercise room complete with yoga mat and bike, or some place where you iron your clothes, dump your clothes, look for your clothes, step on your clothes and then finally plop down in exhaustion for the night.

Bedrooms should be a form of nourishment and respectful self-indulgence.  Surrounding ourselves with items that speak to our should bring us genuine moments of pleasure.  Still, a lot of us are numb to some objects – the dust gathering on past relationships, or of a self that has long moved on.

Keep the bedroom pared down and sensual.  Serenity is about the senses, so think accordingly. The right temperature, scented candles, a comfortable mattress and pillows, soft lighting, fresh flowers, beautiful art, and amazing bedding.

Which brings me to this cute bedding (and not picking up your clothes) from the Dutch brand SNURK  https://www.snurkbeddengoed.nl/shop?cat=822 (which means snoring—how cute, right?)  

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.34.19 AM

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You spend almost one third of your life in your bed.  Shouldn’t  you spend some time, effort and money on making your bedroom a beautiful sanctuary? 


You are worth it.

By the way, this company also makes some wonderful bedding for the little ones in your house.

If you have a daughter that dreams of being a princess or a son who one day wants to be an astronaut, they’ll love these prints. Both quirky and cute, they’ll sleep comfy and cozy with the sweetest dreams under these linens.


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