Wall You Know to Know – Part Two


Frames make all the difference, giving status to the lowliest of drawing and affecting the way you look at any picture.
I recommend keeping your eye out at flea markets, garage sales, the corners of your basement or second-hand stores.  Collect and keep a cache of interesting frames on hand just in case you find something to fill it.
Hang something  beautiful or delightful inside an empty, ornate picture frame.  In fact, frames can sometimes be more interesting that the pictures they surround.  These frames can look like works of art in their own right hung in a grouping or amongst other pieces. Old frames are expensive to restore and paint, but I actually like them better if they are a bit battered and distressed.
On a budget?
Tear out some of your favourite black and white pictures out of a coffee table book.  Mount them in same size black frames. Hang them in a line down a long hallway or in a square on an entry wall.
Consider using playing cards; menus from memorable meals; a collage of old ticket stubs; labels from canned goods, wine bottles or seed packages; art postcards; subway or road maps; theatre programmes; CD or record album covers.
Group a series of framed miniatures inside one large frame as a great solution to displaying tiny pieces