Wall You Need to Know – Part One

Visual pleasures, as all dentists should remember, need be neither expensive nor opulent.

Gallery Walls
Hallways and landings are a great place to create a picture gallery or make displays of items that you enjoy collecting such as mirrors, postcards, fans, numbers, letters, signs, or masks.
A dozen scattered feebly framed prints purchased for the sake of something on the walls do not make for a compelling display.  A dozen framed prints of ornate doors photographed from your travels may.
Hanging collections of prints, pictures or photos, though, is not so easy.
First gather the pieces that you think you may want to hang together and look for common denominators. They should be compatible in at least one way, whether it is subject, theme, shape, texture or colour.
Then arrange them on the floor in front of the wall you want to hang them on until you are happy with the arrangement.   The  secret is to align them by the bottom, sides or the top of frames so they don’t look so haphazard, with about 2 inches in between each piece.