You Deserve a Metal






Many of you may read this tomorrow morning, as you have probably already gone to bed after stumbling around tired all day, having been a True-Patriot-Love-enough to get up at 5 a.m. and join the line-up at Tim Horton’s before the BIG GAME. Which is where the GOLD comes in.








The new black is GOLD and it’s back, with a vengeance.
What was once considered dated and way-too-brassy is now something to covet and add into your home, whether is be kitchen and bathroom hardware, a lamp base, or light fixtures – but with a difference.  Today’s brass is tasteful and elegant, with a more subtle coloring, bringing with it a gorgeous patina.
If this is a GOLD throne you covet, you may be in luck as it belongs to President Viktor Yanukovych.  If all our prayers are answered, he might not need it any longer.









photo 1





Trash into Treasure
It’s about the “mix” – And now it’s about incorporating and mastering different metal finishes together. Like SILVER with Gold.
We no longer fret over every door hinge matching every light fixture. The “mix” is about abandoning rules and being creative. Like 3 different silver pendents over an island. Like a brushed silver framed picture hanging over the edges of a sideboard with gold handles. Like blending a high end brass piece with a flea market find in burnished nickel.
Getting it right is an art, not a science. And when it’s done well, it’s couch-jumping exciting. Just like this morning’s game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.02.03 PM













Olympians are anything but ordinary. Everyone has something extraordinary that can change you. A different perspective, a unique experience, a gift. We’re all ordinary people, but we are all extraordinary in our own way.

And thank you Team Canada, for a very good run.